At Jules et Jim, our focus is on youth lifestyle. We have launched a series of human-centered design luggage products for biking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Inspired by music, movies and real-life experience, we incorporate elements of street fashions and high-end craftsmanship into affordable high-quality fashion accessories. Since its establishment in 2010, we have designed many classic bags, won awards, and has been featured in magazines such as “1626.”  We welcome you to browse our product line, and please let us know if you have any other questions.


祖與占(Jules et Jim)品牌成立於2010年的聖誕節,品牌以年輕人的生活方式為主導,針對年輕人喜愛的單車騎行、短途出行等戶外運動,推出了註重人性化使用細節的箱包產品。我們以音樂、電影和生活為靈感,加入時下流行的元素,融合精湛的制作工藝,以平價優質的潮流配件,給年輕人帶來舒服自在的生活體驗。祖品牌成立至今,已經打造了許多經典包款,並多次獲得街头雜誌和潮流媒體的推薦與合作。



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